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100% of our products are crafted in the USA using raw materials that are melted in the USA

Function & Style influence our engineering focus for our Domed Nail, Domeless Nail, Enail, Dabbers, and Carb Caps.

Design Optimization:
Rolling vers Vaping require different challenges for Herb Grinders. Our Grinders are uniquely optimized for one intended purpose. One Size doesn’t fit all.

Evolving the Vape-Velope:
Our Pax1 and Pax2 accessories including the Pusher, 3d Screen, Vented Oven Lid, and Water Adapters have enhanced the vaping experiences for many.


These products are for Tobacco, and Essential oil use only.  Users of this site must be 18 years old.


Users of this site must be 18 years old.    

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