25mm Quartz Dish (9050)

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  • 25mm Quartz Dish
  • Use with a Flat Coil or Toch
  • Used with all NewVape Enail Bodies, and FlowerPot
  • 1.00" Outside Dia
  • .375" Inside Dia
  • Works best with lolli carb cap
  • Quartz dish only the nails and attachment screws are separate.
  • Requires a fastner to work with the newvape enail bodies.
  • This quartz dish is Imported 
  • Q-tip swab after each use to maintain high quality taste
  • Soak in hot alchol for a through clean 

Quartz Dish

Savor the amazing flavor transfer that Quartz provides.  At the correct temperatures, quartz imparts zero flavor to your experience, so you only taste exactly what you load.  Quartz has an extremely high melting point of ~1,665°C (3,029°F) and can handle the stress of constant heating and cooling without stress.  

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