3x5 Bi-Metal Universal Rosin Press Kit (3054-KIT)

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  • Universal Rosin Press Plate System
  • 3"x5" Plates
  • Fits All Presses With Arbors Measuring Between 1" - 2"
  • Closed Loop Control System
  • Extremely Precise Temp Control
  • Controller Custom Designed & Tuned for Specific BI-Metal Plates
  • 2 Independent Controlled Heat Zones
  • Thermocouplers Mounted Close to Squishing Surface of Plate
  • Bi-Metal: Stainless Steel & Aluminum
  • Fast Heat Transfer from the Aluminum Conductivity
  • Hygienic & Durable Stainless Steel
  • Even Heat Distrubtion with 2 part BI-Metal Construction
  • Plates Made in Florida
  • Controller Programmed & Assembled in the USA
  • 110 Volt Required

3x5 Bi-Metal Universal Rosin Plate - Kit

Closed-Loop, Low-Temp Controller

Aluminum superior heat transfer spreads out the heat to the much stronger stainless steel plates. This eliminates hot or cool spots and allow for the most consistent and even heat across the surface of the plate.

We provide a dual controller for the price of what others charge for a single controller. We use the finest PID's in the industry, and custom-make each controller to our exact specifications. With the closed-loop controller from newVape you can rest assured that the temperature on the readout is the exact temperature of your plates. Each plate contains 2 x 200W cartridge heaters.

How its Different

We've programmed our controller to outperform the rest of the industry. Instead of ramping up and fluctuating wildly around the preset desired temperature, our controller rockets to your preset temperature, and then locks itself in right there. This plus the combination with the bi-metal plates produces the most evenly heating, consistent plates you can buy.

Built to work on presses up to 20 tons. We've engineered theĀ 3x5 Bi-Metal Universal Rosin Plate - Kit to exceed 20 tons, but we are stating usage capability limit of 20 tons.

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