Import 3x5 Universal Aluminum and Dual Output PID Rosin Press Kit (9307-9263)

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- Dual Output PID Controller with 2 heater rods and 2 thermocouplers (9307)

- 3x5 Universal Aluminum Rosin Press Plates (9263)

- Please note the heaters are longer than the plates

- Imported

- Cartridge heaters are 300Watts ea

How to make your own DIY Rosin Press

New Vape has carefully put together a great starter kit to adapt to your own press. If we have not made our parts in-house, we make sure we choose high wuality imported parts that will help you along with your goals. We are Rosin Press experts and as such, we want to be part of your Rosin Press journey!

Whether you have a Harbor Freight Press or you have any other brand, NewVape has the parts and accessories to help you build your own Rosin Press. Now get squishing! 

Extracting concentrates require a careful balance of pressure and heat. Some processes require different amounts of pressure and heat. Each Strain requires a bit of process adjustment. We suggest beginning at temp 200F and pressing for 45 sec with a 2"x3" small bag.   

Times, Temps, and Mesh Sizes


Mesh Size






15-60 Seconds

Sift & Bubble



20-60 Seconds

The 2x3" bags can hold 1/4 oz of flower

The 3x6" bags hold 1 oz of flower

The prepress make filling the bags to max capacity much easier.  

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