4x6 Low-Temp Rosin Press Cage Bundle (3126-3138)

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  • Works with Any Press
  • 30 Ton Capacity
  • 4" x 6" Pressing Surface
  • Eliminates Plate Misalignment
  • Larger Cage Allows for Easier Processing
  • Bi-metal Plates Heat Quickly
  • Pressing Surface is Super Smooth & Durable
  • Separate Heat Control for Each Plate
  • Ideal Low-Temp DIY Setup!
  • 4 Heaters Provide Extremely Consistent Temps
  • One Year Warranty
  • Includes:
    • 5x10 Cage Top & Bottom Plates
    • 4 x 200W Cartridge Heaters
    • Custom Newvape Dual Controller

4x6 Cage Rosin Press

Take control of your Rosin pressing and eliminate the hassle and guesswork of proper setup with this 4x6 inch cage press from NewVape.  Just add your own press!  

This Cage press uses our new 4x6 inch Bi-Metal Plates that marry quick heating aluminum with super-durable and removeable stainless steel so your plates heat up fast, and the silky-smooth stainless steel pressing surface delivers a perfect press every time with zero pitting. Pitting occurs with aluminum-only plates over time and the surface is no longer smooth; those indentations allow rosin to collect, which discourages proper flow out and away from the pressing surface. We refined the cage for a lifetime of use with precision hardened steel shoulder bolts and bronze guide bushings.

Full Control w/ Custom Dual Controller

We provide a dual controller for the price of what others charge for a single controller. We use the finest PID's in the industry, and custom-make each controller to provide the best pressing output at low temps. With the closed-loop controller from newVape you can rest assured that the temperature on the readout is the exact temperature of your plates. 

We've programmed our custom-tuned, closed-loop controller to outperform the rest of the industry. Instead of ramping up and fluctuating wildly around the preset desired temperature, our controller rockets to your preset temperature, and then locks itself in right there. This plus the combination with the bi-metal plates produces the most evenly heating, consistent plates you can buy. Two independently controlled heat zones allow you to dial things in to your exact specifications. Each plate has it's own thermocoupler positioned near the squish surface. 

Built to work on presses up to 30 tons. We've engineered the plates to exceed that, but we are stating usage capability limit of 30 tons. One year warranty,  excluding shipping.

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