BVA 20 ton Rosin Press

BVA 20 Ton Small Frame Rosin Press

4x7 Bi-Metal Rosin Press Plates (3181)

  • Bi-Metal: Stainless Steel & Aluminum
  • Two .400" Cartridge Heater Holes per plate 
  • Cartridge Dimensions 0.375" dia x 6.5"
  • One m6 x 1 hole for thermocoupler per plate
  • Universal Rosin Press Plate System
  • 4"x7" Plates
  • Allows for 2 Independently Controlled Heat Zones
  • Made in the USA
  • Thermocouples Holes Are Close to Squishing Surface
  • Fast Heat Transfer from Aluminum's Conductivity
  • Hygienic & Durable Stainless Steel Press Surface
  • Even Heat Distribution with 2 part BI-Metal Construction
  • Plates Made in Florida
  • Coils and Controller Not Included
  • These plates have been designed for this control package
About the Universal Adapter
  • This Universal adapter works with all Errlpress Plates
  • Made from 6061 Alum
  • Includes four 1/4 - 20 stainless bolts to center Pump Cylinder
  • OD is 2.5"
  • Height 1.25"
  • ID ranges from .75" to 2.125"  
  • ID ranges from 18.8mm - 54mm
  • Includes Phenolic insulators

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4x7 Bi-Metal Universal Rosin Press Plates with Insulated Universal Adapter


These medical-grade Bi-Metal rosin press plates are extremely smooth. Creating the ideal pressing surface. Since they are made of 100% stainless steel these will last a lifetime. You can also expect zero pitting and consistent heat, for the perfect extraction. Our unique insulator plates keep the heat where you need it—on the plates and nowhere else. Pair these plates with your press to complete your at-home rosin press.



4x7 Bi-Metal Rosin Plates


Harness the power of aluminum's superior heat transfer that quickly spreads out the heat, merged with the much stronger stainless steel plates that offer a super hard, super smooth pressing surface. This eliminates hot or cool spots and allow for the most consistent and even heat across the surface of the plate.


Universal Rosin Press Adapter .75" - 2.125" 


This Universal adapter works with all Errlpress Plates.

What is solventless extraction?

Tradition concentrates have always endured a process of solvent-based extraction. Compromising the environment and the people involved through complex processes. That involved costly equipment, toxic chemicals, and low quality results. Enter solventless extraction! As the name implies, it requires no chemicals or solvents to extract the oils from the plant. The only things you need are heat, pressure, and a tool to harness them.


Extracting concentrates require a careful balance of pressure and heat. Some processes require different amounts of pressure and heat. Each Strain requires a bit of process adjustment. We suggest beginning at temp 200F and pressing for 45 sec with a 2"x3" small bag.   

Times, Temps, and Mesh Sizes


Mesh Size






15-60 Seconds

Sift & Bubble



20-60 Seconds


The 2x3" bags can hold 1/4 oz of flower

The 3x6" bags hold 1 oz of flower

The prepress make filling the bags to max capacity much easier.  

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