Hold Down Clamp for ErrlPress Plates (2978)

Hold Down Clamp for ErrlPress Plates (2978)

Cartirdge Heater - 220v - International (9260)

Cartirdge Heater - 220v - International (9260)

5x10 Rosin Press Cage Bundle (3126-BUNDLE)

Who Says you can't Polish a Turd 

Instantly convert a cheap sloppy press into a precision rosin press

5x10 low-temp rosin press cage bundle 

High-quality plates and controller that can easily pair with any press. This kit has everything you need to get your rosin press started.


  • 5x10x1 Cage Plates
  • Precision Ground 1/2" sholder bolts
  • Bronze Bushings  
  • Rated to 30 Ton Capacity
  •  4" x 6" Stainless Steel Bi Metal Plates
  • Eliminates Plate Misalignment
  • Larger Cage Allows for Easier Processing
  • Bi-metal Plates Heat Quickly
  • Pressing Surface is Super Smooth & Durable
  • Separate Heat Control for Each Plate
  • Ideal Low-Temp DIY Setup!
  • 4 Heaters Provide Extremely Consistent Temps
  • One Year Warranty
  • Dab Press Control with 4 Cartridge Heaters 300 wats ea (TC04)
  • 2 Thermocoupler uses a M6x1 Thread
  • Top and Bottom plates are Insulated. 
  • Available in 110V and 220V 

Who Says you can't Polish a Turd 





Instantly convert a cheap sloppy press into a precision rosin press

5x10 low-temp rosin press cage bundle 




Have your own press? This kit is designed for you. Pair this rosin press cage with your frame to get a consistent extraction. Eliminate the hassle and guesswork out of aligning your plates in between each use. All this combined provides precise extraction with every press.

This cage press uses our new 4x6 inch bi-metal plates that marry quick heating aluminum with super-durable stainless steel. So your plates heat up fast while the silky-smooth stainless steel pressing surface delivers a perfect press every time with zero pitting.

Control your temperature with our custom dual controller. We’ve programmed our PID to rise to the desired temperature quickly, unlike other controllers. Two independently controlled heat zones allow you to dial things in to your exact specifications. Each plate has its own thermocoupler positioned near the squish surface.  


What is solventless extraction?

Tradition concentrates have always endured a process of solvent-based extraction. Compromising the environment and the people involved through complex processes. That involved costly equipment, toxic chemicals, and low quality results. Enter solventless extraction! As the name implies, it requires no chemicals or solvents to extract the oils from the plant. The only things you need are heat, pressure, and a tool to harness them.


Extracting concentrates require a careful balance of pressure and heat. Some processes require different amounts of pressure and heat. Each Strain requires a bit of process adjustment. We suggest beginning at temp 200F and pressing for 45 sec with a 2"x3" small bag.   

Times, Temps, and Mesh Sizes


Mesh Size






15-60 Seconds

Sift & Bubble



20-60 Seconds


The 2x3" bags can hold 1/4 oz of flower

The 3x6" bags hold 1 oz of flower

The prepress make filling the bags to max capacity much easier.  

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