6" Stainless Steel Rosin Press Plates Flat Coil Bundle (2879-9262-2959)

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Easily and efficiently extract your rosin without solvent with this bundle.

Bundle Includes

  • (2) Stainless Steel Dual heater 6" plates (2879)
  • (1) Quad output PID Controller (9262)
  • (4) Flat Enail coils 
  • (1) Universal Adapter (2959)

How to make your own DIY Rosin Press

What is solventless extraction?

Tradition concentrates have always endured a process of butane-based extraction. Compromising the environment and the people involved through complex processes. That involved costly equipment, toxic chemicals, and low quality results. Enter solventless extraction! As the name implies, it requires no chemicals or solvents to extraction the oils from the cannabis. The only things you need are heat, pressure, and a tool to harness them.

Through research we have found that 20 tons is the minimum amount of pressure for full extraction. Meaning, if you are using any less, you’re losing money.

About the Quad Output PID Controller

One Controller to rule them all!  Consolidate your controller setup when you need four coils heating at once with this Quad Output PID Controller from NewVape.  Digital temperature readout assures accurate temps in your rosin press, flowerpot, and enail setups!

If you choose an international (220v) powercord, its absolutely imperitive that you choose/use 220v coils. Failure to do so will void your warranty and damage your coils.

Please Note!  With this Quad unit, you MUST use port #1, or you will lose control of the device.  You can use 1,2,3 or 4 coils, but you MUST use port #1. Failure to do so will probably burn your neighborhood down.  If you use port #1, call 3 friends and start the party.  Skip port #1, and well, call the local FD.  If you dont use port #1 and instead use the other ports, you will lose temp control and they will just heat up until they max out.   

Extracting concentrates require a careful balance of pressure and heat. Some processes require different amounts of pressure and heat. Each Strain requires a bit of process adjustment. We suggest beginning at temp 200F and pressing for 45 sec with a 2"x3" small bag.   

Times, Temps, and Mesh Sizes


Mesh Size






15-60 Seconds

Sift & Bubble



20-60 Seconds

The 2x3" bags can hold 1/4 oz of flower

The 3x6" bags hold 1 oz of flower

The prepress make filling the bags to max capacity much easier.  

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