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Harbor Freight 6 Ton A Frame Rosin Press Kit (9075)

Harbor Freight 6 Ton A Frame Rosin Press Kit (9075)

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6 Ton Kit Includes Everything EXCEPT The Press:

This Rosin Plate kit has been designed for the 6 ton Harbor Freight Bech A Frame Press. It features a hand pump,  Always follow saftey precaustions from the press manufacturer. 

- 2x Single Heater 4" Plates (2962)
- Press Adapter (2868)
- 2x Insulator Plates (2925)
- 2x Flat Coils (9052)
- 1x Double Enail PID Controller (9098)
- Digital Cooking Thermometer (9071)
- 10x 2x3 filter bags 120 mesh (9118)
- ErrlPress Plates are Medical Grade Stainless Steel 
- Plates and Adapter Made in the USA 
- All Plates Work with Flat Coil Heaters 
- Press Black Backing plates must be used
- Power Converters are required for use outside USA
- SKU 9075

The Press Is Not Included, But Available @ Harbor Freight  Please understand this is not an endorsment for Harbor Freight. There products are known for being low quality. Harbor's mail order service is also very poor. The main benifit to Harbor Freight is there local network of retail stores, cheap, and you can avoid paying additional shipping charges. and easy to deal with for walk in warranty issues. It's advised not to use any extension handles. It's recomended to purchase the extended warranty from Harbor Freight. The Balieigh Press are higher quality




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Additional Information



SKU 9075-BUNDLE-INCLUDES-2962-2925-9118-9098-9052-9071-2868

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Errl Press parts are excellent.
The weak link here is the press itself. The single heater plates don't take that long to heat up, turn them on and go away for 30 minutes and you should be all set (although I re-check the temp every once in a while during a session). The 4" round plates handle a pre-pressed puck (I use the 2 x 3 pre-press mold then cut the pucks in half and use plain parchment, no screen, 230 F, 15 seconds) really well and make pretty short work of a couple ounces of flowers in a session. If you want to process much more than that, you will probably want to look for a pneumatic pump and a press stand that is a bit more solid and secure. My press broke on the third day I was using it. Just ripped the bolt holes at the top of the support bars open and sent everything katywhompus. The only saving grace on that was how well Harbor Freight responded to my phone call, offering to send a new one for me to cannibalize or keep or just send me the parts that were broken, my choice. Well, they didn't get here yet, if they don't arrive Monday (I called them Friday) that little bit of good will will begin to deteriorate quite quickly.

Errl Press plates are great. If you can afford one of the setups with a better press than this, go for it. If you want something you can scale up in the future by using a better press, this may be the one for you. If you just want a medium to light duty press that will likely last for a long time if you don't try to get the absolute maximum pressure amount every single press and if you pay attention to keeping all the bolts tight, etc. this is a great medium sized press.
Review by Mike A / (Posted on 12/4/2016)
Perfect for tight budgets
This kit is centered around the plates...perfect if you're on a budget...upgrade you're press to a 20 ton when you can afford it and know that you bought the right plates in the first place. The plates are the center of your rosin universe...chose carefully.
Review by TrumpWaxterGeneral / (Posted on 10/9/2016)
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