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Welcome To The NewVape Affiliate Network!

This is how it works. Sign up, and send us an email to introrduce yourself. Please take a moment and inform us about your plans for uiilizing our affiliate program.  After your account is approved we will supply you with a specialized link, and coupon code. You simply place or distribute that link or coupon code anyway you desire, including instagram, facebook, and emails.  When that link or coupon code gets used and purchases are completed two things will automatically happen.  Your customers receive a 10% discount on thier purchases, and you earn a 10% commission on what they purchased (excluding shipping charges). Each month we will mail you a paper comission check for that month's sales. At the end of the year we will send you a 1099 reporting the money we paid you throughout the year. You will be responsible for paying your own taxes on that income. You're encouraged to login into your account frequently and monitor your transactions. *Acceptable content includes Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, & Youtube videos are all excellent content destinations.  All content must be properly titled, tagged, & linked to and approved by NewVape.  Only tobacco and essence oils should be used. Affiliates must be older than 20 years old. All state and federal laws must be adhered to. This affiliate program is subject to termination without notice after 45 days of no new content being created. Log in anytime to check your sales, and your commission balance.