Basic Import Enail Male Configuration with 28mm SiC Dish

Import Flat Coil E-Nail (9229)

Quartz E Banger

Quartz E-Banger

Sic Dish 20mm Coil Nail Configurator

  • Wraparound Enail Head (3081)
  • 28mm New Vape SiC Dish (9264)
Optional Addons:
  • 10/14mm Female Ti Enail Body (2606)
  • 14/18mm Female Ti Enail Body (2587)
  • 14/18mm Male Ti Enail Body (2586)
  • Vrod Carb Cap (3137)
  • Lollicap Carb Cap (2854)
  • Enail Coil Cover (3061)

NewVape is Made in the USA with US melted Grade 2 Titanium  NewVape Uses Only Grade 2
  US-Melted, US-Made Titanium

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Basic Wrap-Around Enail 

No electronics, just the metal!

Our Wrap-Around Enail setups with SiC Dishes to maximize heat retention by using a super thick tittanium core and sides that wrap up around the dish to keep the heat consistent, dab after dab after dab...

Just choose the size of your optional body from the above choices.

Optional grade 2 Titanium Coil Cover further aids in heat retention while adding to the overall look of the setup.  

Optional Carb Caps to complete your dabbing experience.

Note: 20mm Coil Not included

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