1. NewVape Live

    Welcome NewVape Friends.

    Please stop by and check out the latest NewVape Gear.

    This show contains material Intended for mature audiences only. 21 + up.

    Daily 9:00 am - Wake & Bake discussion about what's on the drawing board for today.

    Daily 4:20 pm - Group Sesh.  



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  2. Tsunami Vaporizer


    Welcome to the NewVape Tsunami Blog Page.

    We will use this post to discuss our latest Tsunami Vaporizer Project. 

    As you begin to see the Tsunami Vaporizer take shape please first consider this point.

    The way we design products is from the Inside OUT.

    We literally start with a square block of metal and begin cutting it away. Once we get all the parts working inside the square box we begin styling the exterior.

    So don't worry the styling will come next. Or we can rename it to "the brick"


    Here are the current design objectives that we are targeting.

    1) Utilize the same 30mm dCup dishes. 

    2) Utilize the proven flat coil & standard pid controller.

    3) Accept the

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  3. Vape Critic WeedEater Review

    Bud has been a friend and business associate for several years. I feel his review of the weed eater is perfect.


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  4. Titanium Screen Comparison

    Ti Screens for the FlowerPot

    It is safe to say that out of all the components that make the FlowerPot, the Ti screen is perhaps, one of the key elements in the equation. Retaining our finely ground flower and still having enough clearance to create minimal resistance in the airflow are but a couple of the jobs that this little screen has. 

    It wasn't until recently that we stopped and decided to re-evaluate the little details. We decided to take a closer look at our Single Weave Screens. If you remember, these were the screens came with your Shovelhead and Panhead bowls. 

    So upon closer inspection, we decided to spend some time analyzing and seeing if there was a way to find any flaws and therefore, improve it. 

    "Our closer look machine"

    See, just recently we started shipping a new screen that our supplier recommended

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  5. Tegridy line of Rosin Presses - How to Tap a Gauge into the hydraulic pump.

    Guide to tapping a gauge into a bottle jack pump - A Step by Step Tutorial.

    We get many requests and questions about adding a gauge to the Tegridy line of presses. This line of presses uses the low profile Harbor Freight 20 ton hydraulic pump. Although this pump is widely available and a great tool for the job, adding a gauge to it is no longer an option that we offer. 

    One of the purposes behind the design of NewVape Rosin Presses is to make them as modular and self serviceable as possible. Adding a gauge to this pump would defeat this whole purpose and hence, is not an option available on these presses. 

    With that said, tapping a gauge into the pump is doable. It is going to take a drill press and some skill to accomplish, but if youre up for the task, these are the steps we took to make it happen. 

    Please keep in mind that we recommend that you hire a skilled machinist with the proper tools to do this, but below are the steps that

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  6. The Rosin Press Workbench

    The Rosin Press Workbench

    The boss recently had a vision that would possibly enhance and streamline the process of pressin rosin. Along with a few New Vape parts and the help of the trusty BVA 20 Rosin Press, the boss and part oft he NewVape team dove and made a mock of what this vision would look like. 

    This is merely a concept, an idea that Ed wanted to share with everyone. If you have any questions about it, feel free to email



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  7. the D-Cup Vaporizer - One vape to Dab them all!

    DCup - the future of Dabbing!

    Welcome to the future of dabbing! NewVape is proud to announce the Dcup Vaporizer. It is a new take on an all titanium banger crafted around our brand new 30mm SiC Dish and 30mm Sapphire Dish. It also works with other manufacturers' dishes like the CCA710 Sapphire and Obsidian Dish, now also available in our store.  The Dcup is the best tool to accomplish a simple task, the best dab.

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  8. What is 420?

    The Lowdown on 420 and Cannabis Culture With so many states legalizing marijuana, cannabis culture is becoming a way of life across the country, and around the world. Whether for medical reasons or recreational, more and more people are using advanced methods to enjoy cannabis, such as the increasingly popular use of vaping. Here at, the selection of tools and accessories is on the cutting edge of this culture craze, offering unique and groundbreaking products made in the USA. Take for instance, the Vrod Flowerpot Twax Bundle, a true representation of the future of vaping...
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  9. Conduction Vers Convection Vaporizers

    Conduction Vers Convection Vaporizers 

    To understand the differences between the session vapes and on demand vapes one must first understand the heating principles of Convection vers Conduction heating.

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  10. The Revolution Continues...the FlowerPot weedEater !

    The FlowerPot Weedeater Vaporizer

    The saga continues with this new generation of Flower-only vaporizer. Experience flower like never before. 

    Well, NewVape has done it once again. Combining knowledge of previous FlowerPot generations while intergating new techniques, we decided to embrace the flower-only vapers of the world. After-all one of our original goals in designing the FlowerPot was to reaquaint ourselves with flower which had long lost the flavor-battle to concentrates because the only way to consume it was to smoke it. The FlowerPot was a very important part of bringing flavor back to flower. 

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