1. the D-Cup Vaporizer - One vape to Dab them all!

    the D-Cup Vaporizer - One vape to Dab them all!

    DCup - the future of Dabbing!

    Welcome to the future of dabbing! NewVape is proud to announce the Dcup Vaporizer. It is a new take on an all titanium banger crafted around our brand new 30mm SiC Dish and 30mm Sapphire Dish. It also works with other manufacturers' dishes like the CCA710 Sapphire and Obsidian Dish, now also available in our store.  The Dcup is the best tool to accomplish a simple task, the best dab.

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  2. What is 420?

    What is 420?
    The Lowdown on 420 and Cannabis Culture With so many states legalizing marijuana, cannabis culture is becoming a way of life across the country, and around the world. Whether for medical reasons or recreational, more and more people are using advanced methods to enjoy cannabis, such as the increasingly popular use of vaping. Here at, the selection of tools and accessories is on the cutting edge of this culture craze, offering unique and groundbreaking products made in the USA. Take for instance, the Vrod Flowerpot Twax Bundle, a true representation of the future of vaping...
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  3. Conduction Vers Convection Vaporizers

    Conduction Vers Convection Vaporizers

    Conduction Vers Convection Vaporizers 

    To understand the differences between the session vapes and on demand vapes one must first understand the heating principles of Convection vers Conduction heating.

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  4. The Revolution Continues...the FlowerPot weedEater !

    The Revolution Continues...the FlowerPot weedEater !

    The FlowerPot Weedeater Vaporizer

    The saga continues with this new generation of Flower-only vaporizer. Experience flower like never before. 

    Well, NewVape has done it once again. Combining knowledge of previous FlowerPot generations while intergating new techniques, we decided to embrace the flower-only vapers of the world. After-all one of our original goals in designing the FlowerPot was to reaquaint ourselves with flower which had long lost the flavor-battle to concentrates because the only way to consume it was to smoke it. The FlowerPot was a very important part of bringing flavor back to flower. 

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  5. NewVape News - Rosin Press lineup for 2019!

    NewVape News - Rosin Press lineup for 2019!


    Starting late 2018, NewVape began listing the new generation of Rosin Press kits. These mark NewVape's evolution in the world of solventless extraction. The next generation of Rosin Presses represent a leap forward in engineering and functionality. These address the many shortcomings in the industry as well as a response to many suggestions and ideas from the community.

    In late 2018 we were able to spend some time in Colorado in a friends farm. Through testing and squishing over and over again, we realized there were many issues we still needed to address. So with what we had learned from our previous designs and this new knowledge of techniques we came back to the drawing board, only to realize the answer had always been under our noses. We found answer in our trusty 5x10 Rosin Cage.

    While analyzing our Rosin Cage, we once again realized that this device provided much

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  6. Trulieve vape cup Vers newVape FlowerPot

    Trulieve vape cup Vers newVape FlowerPot

    Trulieve vape cup Vers newVape FlowerPot

    This was a feasibility study to evaluate the trulieve ceramic vape cup with a modified ShowerHead Flowerpot. The verdict is the cups are to densely packed for this style convection vaporization. It's best to open the cups and grind the material with a fine grinder and use a standard flowerpot setup when looking for maximum vapor. We found enough material in each cup for several days worth of normal flowerpot sessions. It seems wasteful to continue to reheat all the material in each cup when single vape sessions are desired. Perhaps the volcano handles this better. We are glad to discuss the design of an optimized vaporizer cup with trulieve or any other dispensary. The results were NOT what we were hoping for.

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  7. FlowerPot Vaporizer - Tolerances between the bowl and the Vrod Head.

    FlowerPot Vaporizer - Tolerances between the bowl and the Vrod Head.

    The FlowerPot Tolerance game.

    In a machine shop, the word "tolerance" is referred to the limit or space between two parts that go together. In the case of NewVape, we deal with these issues everyday, namely, within our FlowerPot Vaporizer eco-system. In a game of tolerances between Titanium parts, it is always a game of narrowing down the gap while taking into account variables like heat expansion and the play between the two parts. There have been a few accounts of FlowerPot owners asking us about the "play" between those two parts, or why the Vrod feels loose on the bowl, or the give that makes the head tilt as its sitting on the bowl. In the video below, Ed briefly goes into detail on how these tolerances are measured and how we keep them consistent. The process starts with a set of Quality Control gauges, the green is a "GO" gauge whereas the red is the "NO GO" gauge. There are two separate sets of gauges, one for the inside diameter of the diffuser and another for the

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  8. Dake B-10 Rosin Press Build Notes

    Dake B-10 Rosin Press Build Notes

    The Dake B-10 is a very capable bench top rosin press.

    Here are a couple of notes about the Dake Press Build. Our insulated plates began conception on this press. Yes we cooked some seals and realized that the heated plates needed to be insulated from the hydraulic seals. Our 4" round plates work best on this ram style press. This reason for this is that the hydraulic ram tends to rotate when being pumped down. When square or rectangular plates are used there's a constant battle trying to keep the top plate from rotating. This plate misalignment due to hydraulic rotation is not a problem when round plates are used.  

    Below is the NewVape Plate and controller suggested for the Dake B-10 Hydraulic Press

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  9. Enail Pinouts & Connections

    Enail Pinouts & Connections

    This list is a work in progress.  If you have any additions or modifications please email

    Although many enail manufacturers use this connection not all share the same wiring. It's best to try and purchase the coil from the manufacturer of the enail controller. If that's not possible try and get the wiring diagram of their plug. If a coil is plugged into the controller with the incorrect wiring the coil will short out and be destroyed. Changing the pins around within the plug can be easily done with anyone handy with a soldering iron.

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  10. The All-New Tegridy 20 Rosin Press

    The All-New Tegridy 20 Rosin Press

    Evolution at its core

    NewVape has been manufacturing Rosin Presses for the better part of 5 years, and in that time we have been constantly evolving our products. Our mainstays have been the Compact 20 Rosin Press and the Micro 20 Rosin Press. Two heavy hitting 20 ton Rosin Presses that resemble efficiency, power and all around American ingenuity. Both presses had been designed from frame to plates and each detail was reviewed over and over again, until the next rendition happened. That is how NewVape works, we design a product and then we spend time figuring out how to make it better. So the dynamic here is a constant evolution. This time, however, it was time to think about a 4 post cage design. Nothing new by any means, as a matter of fact, 4 post presses have been in existence well before Rosin Presses were ever a thing! However, we did find that this

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