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  1. VRod FlowerPot - One Vape to Rule them All!

    VRod FlowerPot - One Vape to Rule them All!
    The FlowerPot Evolution Marches On NewVape is known for its exceptional quality, superb function, and extremely rapid prototyping.  We listen to the needs of our customers and take pride in over-delivering.  The FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer changed the game for desktop vaporizers, upending industry stalwarts like the Volcano, Silver Surfer, and Sublimator.  From our Pax Accessories to our Rosin presses, we...
  2. FlowerPot Heater Coil Post Rev. 2

    FlowerPot Heater Coil Post Rev. 2
    The main focus of newVape is innovation and the consistent revision and improvement of our products. Interaction from our customers is invaluable in this regard, as feedback provides us the insight on how to make our products better and more efficient. One of our latest revisions is our FlowerPot Heater Coil Post. FlowerPot Heater Coil Post The Heater Coil Post...
  3. Bi-Metal Plates for Rosin Presses

    Bi-Metal Plates for Rosin Presses
    The beauty of Bi-Metal Plates for your Rosin Press You've got a lot of options for pressing your flowers into rosin these days.  NewVape has been making the highest quality rosin press plates since the day this revolution was created.  Our selection of plates can handle anything from a one-ton arbor press to our amazing 100-ton Mighty Rosin Press Kit. ...
  4. How to Optimize the Pax Vaporizer

    How to Optimize the Pax Vaporizer
    The Pax 1,2, & 3 vaporizer is a portable powerhouse of a vaporizer. When NewVape first saw it years ago, we were mightily impressed, but we knew instantly that it could be improved!  It wasn't long before we'd realized that the Pax wasn't reaching its full potential.  The airflow could be improved, and it required far more than a full...
  5. Flowerpot Temperature - What's the best?

    Flowerpot Temperature - What's the best?
    Here's a question we're asked constantly: 'What's the best FlowerPot temperature?'  Unfortunately there's no one temp that will work for all people, but this is actually a great thing! There's many variables involved in getting the most out of your FlowerPot Vaporizer, so lets take a moment to quickly review the factors that will help you determine the ideal FlowerPot...
  6. ShowerHead & WrapAround - What's the difference?

    ShowerHead & WrapAround - What's the difference?
    The FlowerPot vaporizer is like no other.  No desktop extracts as fast or as efficiently, and no portable even comes close!  New users often ask: FlowerPot ShowerHead & WrapAround - what's the difference?.  We've designed the FlowerPot vaporizer to have various options and ways to customize the system so no matter how you vape, you get the exact experience you...
  7. NewVape's XLR Coil Connection

    NewVape's XLR Coil Connection
    Quality First If you've got an enail or flowerpot setup, or lucky enough to have a rosin press, you've probably noticed that the coil cable connects to the control unit with this funny style connector, called XLR.  If you're a musician you're very familiar with this, its the type of connection that microphones and soundboards use.  Its a great connector...
  8. New Product - Cage Rosin Press

    New Product - Cage Rosin Press
    Just Announced!  newVape's Cage Rosin Press We squish, therefore we are!  Continuing in our long line of top shelf Rosin tech products, we are happy to announce the newest addition to the newVape Rosin lineup, the Cage Rosin Press.  We've deconstructed the idea of a cage press and redesigned it from every angle.  We love making products that will last...
  9. How to Setup the FlowerPot ShowerHead Vaporizer

    How to Setup the FlowerPot ShowerHead Vaporizer
    You've done your research, you've studied the options; you're now the proud owner of the FlowerPot Twax Vape.  What now?  Let's take a quick look at how to setup FlowerPot Vaporizer - specifically the Showerhead version. There's some assembly required but its really a piece of cake to get everything put together in a minute or two, and you'll be vaping...
  10. EU/UK/AU PID Controllers Now Available!

    EU/UK/AU PID Controllers Now Available!
    EU/UK PID Controllers Are Here! After much delay, newVape finally has the EU/UK/AU PID Controllers available for our European and British customers!  Ideal for use with the Flowerpot and enails, this 20mm coil heater  goes from room temperature to ~1000°F(537° C)in roughly two minutes.   That's far higher than you'll ever need to go for our purposes, so there's a nice...

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