bi metal plates

The beauty of Bi-Metal Plates for your Rosin Press

You've got a lot of options for pressing your flowers into rosin these days.  NewVape has been making the highest quality rosin press plates since the day this revolution was created.  Our selection of plates can handle anything from a one-ton arbor press to our amazing 100-ton Mighty Rosin Press Kit.  The r/evolution of the rosin presses continues, and now we're proud to announce our new Bi-Metal Plates!  We use two metals that combine the properties of both, ensuring you get the highest quality rosin with the least amount of worry or effort.

Two metals?  Why?

We've combined aluminum and stainless steel into the most badass low-temp rosin plates you can buy.  Why?  Because both aluminum and stainless steel have properties that we want to take advantage of, but both have downsides that we want to eliminate.

Aluminum has a much higher thermal conductivity than stainless steel, which means that it transfers heat more quickly.  Unfortunately aluminum is not as hard as stainless steel, so with tons of pressure, even your flowers' stems can leave small pits behind. These pits will trap your oil preventing a perfect extraction.  To get the best of both metals, we combine a large aluminum core with stainless steel pressing surface so the end result is a consistent heat with super hard, super smooth pressing surface.

Perfect Low-Temp Monitoring

We mount the thermocouple holes as close to the pressing surface so you always have an accurate temperature reading.  Each plate has the capacity for two cartridge rod  heaters, which provides a more consistent temperature over the entire surface of the plate with no cool spots.

These plates are rated to 20 tons, although we've taken them higher than that.  We definitely don't recommend exceeding 20 tons.