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NewVape is the premier Rosin Press Manufacturer. NewVape has designed its own line of turnkey solutions for Rosin Presses. NewVape has also paired the innovative set of bi metal rosin press plates with pid controllers that would offer the best solution. NewVape also has supplies and accessories for all your Rosin Press needs.

  1. Dake B-10 Rosin Press Build Notes

    Dake B-10 Rosin Press Build Notes
    The Dake B-10 is a very capable bench top rosin press. Here are a couple of notes about the Dake Press Build. Our insulated plates began conception on this press. Yes we cooked some seals and realized that the heated plates needed to be insulated from the hydraulic seals. Our 4" round plates work best on this ram style press...
  2. The All-New Tegridy 20 Rosin Press

    The All-New Tegridy 20 Rosin Press
    Evolution at its core NewVape has been manufacturing Rosin Presses for the better part of 5 years, and in that time we have been constantly evolving our products. Our mainstays have been the Compact 20 Rosin Press and the Micro 20 Rosin Press. Two heavy hitting 20 ton Rosin Presses that resemble efficiency, power and all around American ingenuity. Both...
  3. Rosin Press DIY - A Complete Guide to Build your own Rosin Press

    Rosin Press DIY - A Complete Guide to Build your own Rosin Press
    Rosin Revolution For the last few years, Cannabis growers and consumers have embraced the Rosin Press as the preferred method of extracting Cannabis concentrates. Here at NewVape we have been pioneers in the Rosin Press market with the production of our signature Rosin Press kits and the production of parts and accessories for the DIY'er.  Yes, we have parts and...
  4. New Vape and Dab Day 2018

    New Vape and Dab Day 2018
    Few events are of as much recognition in the Cannabis scene in South Florida as Dab Day. Now in its 5th iteration, the event was held at Garden Food and Bar in the Miami arts district, Wynwood. The district of Wynwood has become a mecca for art based events in South Florida, big enough to host the world re-known Art...
  5. New Vape and the High Times 2018 NorCal Cannabis Cup

    New Vape and the High Times 2018 NorCal Cannabis Cup
    The High Times Cannabis Cup The Cannabis Cup is an annual event that brings growers and vendors from around the world together for a chance to showcase products to a wide audience. It is also host to the High Times competition in which vendors submit their products for scrutiny in a variety of categories. The prize is the highly regarded First Place...
  6. Bi-Metal Plates for Rosin Presses

    Bi-Metal Plates for Rosin Presses
    The beauty of Bi-Metal Plates for your Rosin Press You've got a lot of options for pressing your flowers into rosin these days.  NewVape has been making the highest quality rosin press plates since the day this revolution was created.  Our selection of plates can handle anything from a one-ton arbor press to our amazing 100-ton Mighty Rosin Press Kit. ...
  7. New Product - Cage Rosin Press

    New Product - Cage Rosin Press
    Just Announced!  newVape's Cage Rosin Press We squish, therefore we are!  Continuing in our long line of top shelf Rosin tech products, we are happy to announce the newest addition to the newVape Rosin lineup, the Cage Rosin Press.  We've deconstructed the idea of a cage press and redesigned it from every angle.  We love making products that will last...
  8. newVape Rosin Presses

    newVape Rosin Presses
      Go Solventless! Solventless extraction is sweeping the nation! As people learn how easy it is to convert your flowers into delicious, super-flavorful concentrate with newVape Rosin Presses!  Say goodbye to the days of nasty solvents.  They effect the flavor and smoothness of your oils, waxes, and herbal concentrates.  NewVape has been in love with Rosin from day 1 when...

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