EU/UK PID Controllers Are Here!

After much delay, newVape finally has the EU/UK/AU PID Controllers available for our European and British customers!  Ideal for use with the Flowerpot and enails, this 20mm coil heater  goes from room temperature to ~1000°F(537° C)in roughly two minutes.   That's far higher than you'll ever need to go for our purposes, so there's a nice cushion of temperature available for those that are experimenting with high temperature flower extraction.  Experimenting with capped vs uncapped Showerhead hits?  550°F (287°C) vs 800°F (426°C)?  Its up to you to find your perfect controller temp based on your rigs airflow and also your personal preferences, and this controller, just like our US version, allows you to experiment all you want.

EU/UK PID Controllers


The controller unit can adjust temperature in 1 degree increments, work in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and is even able to be adjusted manually if you find that the initial room temperature  is off by a degree or two(this is normal for a device that can achieve 1000°F+ (537°C +).  The controller's power cable and heater cable both exit the box out of the back, allowing for a very clean look up front.  The controller has an instant feedback loop, so you always know exactly what temperature the heater is at, even if you turn off the power.  On the back are two switches, one that turns the power on, and one that turns the heater on, so after your session you can turn the heater off, and still have an exact reading of where the coil temps are as they start to drop back to room temperature.  Knowledge is power!

Its important to note that the heater coil itself that comes with the unit is specific to the UK and EU version;  You can't mix and match the heater coil with the US version and vice versa. This product includes power cords for both UK and the EU.


Get your UK / EU PID Controller Here!