The main focus of newVape is innovation and the consistent revision and improvement of our products. Interaction from our customers is invaluable in this regard, as feedback provides us the insight on how to make our products better and more efficient. One of our latest revisions is our FlowerPot Heater Coil Post.

FlowerPot Heater Coil Post

The Heater Coil Post plays an important role in the safety of the The Flowerpot. After all, the Heater Coil Post is the resting place for The Flowerpot when it is heating up, and when you are in between sessions.



FlowerPot Heater Coil Post Rev2    FlowerPot Heater Coil Post Rev2

Figure 1. FlowerPot Heater Coil Post               Figure 2. FlowerPot Heater Coil Post Rev 2.


We find that it was more of an annoyance than a real technical issue. However, we understand that when it comes to our products, and namely the Flowerpot, user experience is key in the success of the equipment and the success of your session as well!

About Rev. 2

Revision 2 (Figure 2) The Heater Coil Post has been extended to improve / reduce the sticking between the coil nut and heat post due to thermal expansion. We found that by eliminating the lower edge the sticking was drastically reduced.

Just like the original, the Heater Coil Post revision is available in both Stainless and Titanium. It fits onto the Flowerpot Base as well and includes the insulator disc to avoid heat transfer onto the Base. The FlowerPot Heater Coil Post can be adapted for use on DIY setup with a 1/4"-20 thread. (Figure 3)


FlowerPot Heater Coil Post Rev2

(Figure 3) DIY Stand