Rosin Revolution

For the last few years, Cannabis growers and consumers have embraced the Rosin Press as the preferred method of extracting Cannabis concentrates. Here at NewVape we have been pioneers in the Rosin Press market with the production of our signature Rosin Press kits and the production of parts and accessories for the DIY'er.  Yes, we have parts and now you can build your own Rosin Press.

It is always our intention to provide you the best education on how our products work, so that you can make the most educated decision for your set up. It is your hard-earned cash after all, so we created this guide to help you build your own rosin press, and answer any and all questions regarding the Rosin Press DIY process.

So what is a Rosin Press?

build your own rosin pressGood question! Rosin is the name given to the oils extracted from Cannabis bud when you apply heat and pressure to it. See, some years ago, someone on Instagram came up with the idea of pressing bud with a hair straightener, which resulted in yields of concentrate, straight from the bud! Whether this simple act was intentional or accidental, it has caused a big wave in the way we extract concentrates from our bud, it gave way to Solventless Extraction, a term coined to describe extraction of concentrates without the aid of solvents and chemicals.

Bringing the Heat

From that moment forward, many manufacturers, including NewVape joined the Rosin Revolution by applying the "hair straightener" concept to a larger scale. First, there was the task of finding other sources for heat and pressure, so we found that a regular Press would be a good place to start. Harbor Freight has been a good source for these Oil Can Presses for years, they have had a few offerings for years and range between 6 and 50 tons of pressure. Once we figured this out, making heat plates and accessories were almost second nature. Pressure...check!

Now heat, most of us can probably figure out that a hair straightener must have some sort of a heating element that produces its heat when you plug it in, and since we are all Cannabis enthusiasts here, the ideal tools were not very far away, we found those in flat coils and PID controllers which also give us the advantage of controlling our temperatures. Heat...check!

Over the next few years we developed a full line of Turnkey Rosin Press Kits, which means we have designed every single aspect of it, including our own frames built around our favorite hydraulic/pneumatic systems. We have also developed a full array of parts and accessories for the DIY Rosin Press enthusiast.

Build your own Rosin Press.

The concept of building a Rosin Press on a DIY fashion simply implies a couple of things, we either just like building things, or were on a budget (or both!) and we really need a Rosin Press. Being DIY'ers ourselves, we wanted to make NewVape into the Premier source for Rosin Press parts. The hardware store for Rosin Presses, a Rosin Press Depot of sorts, so we have created a few builds around a few popular Presses.

The importance of Accessibility

The first step in deciding what presses to use as a platform was simply the fact that we want customers to have immediate access to this hardware by just taking a short drive to a local Harbor Freight store, which is not only convenient, but in the event of a warranty issue, you can be back up and running in the time it takes you to drive back and forth to the store.

Speaking of hydraulics, without a shadow of a doubt, hydraulic systems are the ideal tool for Rosin Presses. Pneumatic system simply will not give you the pressure you need (see BIG NOTE below).

So our platforms are these:


new vape guide to build your own rosin press new vape guide to build your own rosin press new vape guide to build your own rosin press

HF 6 Ton A Frame Press ($77.99),                                   20 Ton H Frame ($184)                        20 ton Industrial Hydraulic Press ($259)


new vape guide to build your own rosin press

We also used a Baleigh Hydraulic Shop Press HSP10H for availability internationally ($395)

Now keep in mind that we chose these for their availability and affordability, so we feel these are great platforms for anyone looking for recreational use or even some commercial applications.

One of the factors in deciding which press is the one for you is the type of hydraulic system you have with it. If you have noticed on the photos, all these systems include a hand pump which will allow you have manual control of the process.

However, take note that the 20 Ton Hydraulic Press has a Pneumatic/Hydraulic system which will give you the added option of using an air compressor to pump your hydraulics, eliminating the hard work of doing it by hand.

BIG NOTE: We use and recommend using hydraulic pumps/systems for a Rosin Press. We see many of our competitors using Pneumatic systems and are in constant disbelief about it. Pneumatic systems, although safe (don't put your fingers on the plates, with either, if you like having them...that is.) will never produce the pressure that hydraulics will, there is just no two ways about it, if you use pneumatic, you are leaving money in the bag, literally! Hydraulics have more pressure which will directly affect your yields.

Ok, you picked your press, now what?

Now that we have talked about the process of creating Rosin and about some available presses in the general market. Let's get started on picking up some essentials for our Rosin Press build.

Lets talk about Coils

Throughout the evolution of the Rosin Press, it became standard practice to use flat coils as heat sources for the plates, it later evolved into heating rods. We have embraced both form factors and factored them into the design of our Rosin Press Plates.

So whats the difference between a heating rod and a flat coil?

The basic difference is basically its form factor, but the form factor can be an important decision making tool if you are looking for efficiency and saving yourself a little bit of time. So as you can see, systems can start pretty basic, but they can become elaborate. I will make my best attempt at breaking this down without writing an entire manuscript here...

Flat Coils Flat Coils
Flat Coil -

Will transmit heat from the center of the plate out to its edge, by default, it will take longer to heat up compared to the heating rods. It is recommended for those who would like a set up at home or if you are not pressed for time (pun intended). As far as matching these with plates, we have plates that require only a single coil as well as plates that require two flat coils (quicker heat up time).  This is the case of the 2" stainless plates (2878), 4" single heater plates (2962), 4" dual heater plates (2864), the 6" dual heater plates (2879) and the 4x7 Stainless Steel dual heater plates for flat coil (2941)

4 heating rods and thermocoupler Cartridge Heaters (heating rods)
Heating Rods -

This is the new standard for heating plates, our plates have two holes each that extend through the length of the plate so the heat is transmitted evenly and quickly. Therefore, this set up is for efficiency, time saving and simply for a more professional use. We have matched this set up to our new premium line of plates which include the 3x5 Bi Metal Plates (3054), 4x6 Bi Metal Plates (9309), 4x7 Bi Metal Plates (3181), and the Rosin Press Cage (3126)

The below pictures represent Rosin Press Plates made for Flat Coils and Plates made for Cartridge Heaters (Rods)

Bi Metal Plates with Cartridge Heaters and Thermocoupler
Flat coil plates 4" Stainless Plates for Flat Coils

NOTE: It is worth noting that the premium set ups (heating rods), do come with separate thermocouplers which are a third threaded hole on the plates that will give more accurate readings of the current temperatures in your plates, hence why the holes are places closer to the pressing surface.

Flat coils also have thermocouplers but they are wired into the coil.

NOTE 2: NewVape is a custom shop of sorts, we have an in-house controller that can be wired to spec with any heating element and thermocoupler(s). See SKU 3138

Lets talk about plates...

New Vape has a full line of Rosin Press plates, each designed to fit different applications, goals and budgets. From smaller all stainless steel plates to a very efficient 4x7 bi metal plate setup, the engineering behind these design is nothing short of remarkable. I will break down the three key factors that will help you decide which set up plates will work for you.


We use two materials, on their own or in combination with one another for various reasons. Based on their individual properties, you will see why we landed on those choices:

Aluminum - Heats up very quickly (great heat conductor) but it is a softer metal. Therefore, it will eventually "pit" from whatever material you are constantly pressing.  (Pit is a term used to describe when the surface looses its evenness).

Stainless Steel - Heats up very evenly but it is slower to heat up than aluminum. However, it is very strong so its surface will never, I mean never ever "pit".

Pressing surface area

This is an easy one. This one really comes down to how much bud you think you will be pressing. You ought to ask yourself if you're doing it for fun and to create your own personal stash? OR are you pressing it for commercial use? Obviously, with more surface area, you will be able to press more in a single sitting. We have plates that range from 2", 4" and 6" on a round surface (round plates), we also have a rectangular surface area available in 3x5, 4x6 and 4x7 plates. Choose wisely...


The more materials, time and steps are required to make a plate, the more it will cost us to make. Therefore, prices will vary between each set of plates. So it is up to you to decide what price point your budget falls under.

So which plates should I get?

Based on these key factors, we have every combination available for purchase, for the more budget friendly DIY'er, we have an all-aluminum set (9263) whereas if you are looking for strength and consistent results, you cant go wrong with an all stainless steel set (2878, 2962, 2864, 2879).

Below are photos representing  the affordable all aluminum plates (left), all stainless steel plates (middle) and Bi Metal Plates (right).

3x5 Aluminum Rosin Press Plates 3x5 Aluminum Rosin Press Plates
4" Stainless Steel Rosin Press Plates 4" Stainless Steel Rosin Press Plates

4x7 Bi Metal Rosin Press Plates

4x7 Bi Metal Rosin Press Plates


Bi Metal Plates

Our premium Bi Metal Rosin Press plates have been engineered to harness the best characteristics of aluminum and stainless steel for efficiency and durability.  Aluminum's fast conductivity and stainless' strength all harnessed into our premium plates. (3054, 9309, 3181)

Remember, when you buy from NewVape, you are buying factory direct, so you are getting the extraordinary quality manufacturing and superb engineering, made in the USA. With NewVape you can either start small for home use or go bigger and more efficient for more commercial purposes.


So now that you learned about what heat sources are available for plates, this will help you determine what kind of controller you need to start with.
See, deciding on one piece of equipment will influence the next piece you must get to complete your Rosin Press set up.  The best way to illustrate how this works is by creating examples and some photos to go along with them. So here we go..

dual output pid controllerExample 1

So lets say you want a small set up that you can keep in your bedroom. You choose to start with a 6ton press and you want either the 2" or 4" single heater plates (2878 or 2962), you would then need a Dual Output PID controller (9098) (one flat coil per plate).

quad output pid controller quad output pid controller
Example 2

Lets get a bit more elaborate. So you have parties, maybe some commercial uses on a smaller scale, and say you would like to start a bit more advanced, say you want to press about an ounce at a time. In this case, you most definitely will need one of the 20 ton presses, along with maybe the 6" stainless round plates (2879), or the 4x7 stainless steel rectangular plates (2941), both these sets are designed for two flat coils per plate so you would need a Quad output PID controller for flat coils (9262).

Dual Output PID Controller with 4 Cartridge Heaters and 2 Thermocouplers Dual output PID with 4 Cartridge Heaters and Thermocouplers
Example 3

Lets say time is now a key factor in your operation, you need a bit more efficiency and you understand that this is now an investment. The 20 ton Harbor Frieght Hydraulic press will take you a long way, whether its for home use or commercial use. So you would choose the 20 ton hydraulic (orange) along with a premium set of Bi Metal Plates, say the 4x7 Bi Metal set (3181). The controller you would need for this would be the Dual Output Rosin Press Controller with heating rods and thermocouplers (9308)



Example 4

closed-loop-pid-controller-lg_3_of_1_ NewVape Closed Loop PID Controller


NewVape has a Closed Loop PID Controller, it is completely made in-house, and it is intended for custom applications. So if you need your own custom controller, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sample Rosin Press Builds

Its perfectly acceptable to get started with a simple set up that you can keep under your bed, like a 6 ton Harbor Frieght press with 4" single heater plates. See picture below:

It is also acceptable to work up a more efficient set up into your garage with a 20 ton Harbor Freight Hydraulic Press. The build below includes bi metal plates and a controller with heating rods. Look at picture below.

4x7 Bi Metal Plates Adapted to Harbor Freight Press

Again, the deciding factor between the shown set ups are many, including budget and your purpose for using a Rosin Press.

So we have the basics covered

The press, the coil and controller and the plates will get you up and pressing right away. Howver, lets not forget that NewVape has also created a full line of accessories for these third party presses. These are carefully thought out upgrades that will improve the performance of the press and your process. Here is a list of these upgrades:

Handle upgrade (2949)

Valve key upgrade (2912)

2x3 pre press mold (2976)

3x5 pre press mold (2981)

Hold down clamp (2978)

So let's talk YOUR Rosin Press

As you see, your Rosin Press set up can be completely customized. If you happen to own a press that is not listed here, we have probably made an adapter that will get your plates onto it. Other than that, it is really a matter of deciding what the best choice is for your operation. If you prefer to piece your press a bit at a time, we have made it very easy to do so. We hope you will chose NewVape as your source for everything Rosin Presses and Rosin Press Accessories and Supplies.