Welcome to the NewVape Tsunami Blog Page.

We will use this post to discuss our latest Tsunami Vaporizer Project. 

As you begin to see the Tsunami Vaporizer take shape please first consider this point.

The way we design products is from the Inside OUT.

We literally start with a square block of metal and begin cutting it away. Once we get all the parts working inside the square box we begin styling the exterior.

So don't worry the styling will come next. Or we can rename it to "the brick"


Here are the current design objectives that we are targeting.

1) Utilize the same 30mm dCup dishes. 

2) Utilize the proven flat coil & standard pid controller.

3) Accept the Puffco Peak And Carta O-Ring Style Glass Connection. 

4) Offer the Peak / Carta customer an upgraded platform for home use. 

5) Offer a universal platform for glass blowers to build from. This design can easily be modified to accept a larger 2."- 3." o-ring connection. 

6) Safety heat shield around the dish. 

7) Removable Glass Vapor Tube.

8) Connect via Whip. 

9) Connect a offline pipe via a whip.

10) eazy to clean.

11) compatible with the NV enail battery. (integrated chassi to follow) 


Please leave comments here or email support@newvape.com for suggestions.  


Once the Tsunami has been fully tested we will have information about pricing and avaliability. I would expect it to be finished before the end of aug-2019. 













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