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  1. Bi-Metal Plates for Rosin Presses

    Bi-Metal Plates for Rosin Presses
    The beauty of Bi-Metal Plates for your Rosin Press You've got a lot of options for pressing your flowers into rosin these days.  NewVape has been making the highest quality rosin press plates since the day this revolution was created.  Our selection of plates can handle anything from a one-ton arbor press to our amazing 100-ton Mighty Rosin Press Kit. ...
  2. newVape Rosin Presses

    newVape Rosin Presses
      Go Solventless! Solventless extraction is sweeping the nation! As people learn how easy it is to convert your flowers into delicious, super-flavorful concentrate with newVape Rosin Presses!  Say goodbye to the days of nasty solvents.  They effect the flavor and smoothness of your oils, waxes, and herbal concentrates.  NewVape has been in love with Rosin from day 1 when...

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