FlowerPot Talk - Let's talk Glass Bowls

 you all may know, our FlowerPot Glass Bowl have been the subject of lots of conversations on the forums. We have had a few iterations of these bowls in the past couple of years and are now finding ourselves finding yet another supplier. 

We would love to find a supplier in the U.S.A that is willing to take this on. So as our own search continues, we would like to make our proposed drawings available to anyone that is willing to give it a shot. 

Please keep in mind that here at New Vape, we are NOT glass blowers and we do not know much about the process of making these. What we do know is what we would like to see as a final result. our focus is mainly on the actual bowl part of the part. 

We became aware that the stock to make these is 22mm, which is the closest to a perfect fit with the flowerpot. So , as much as possible we would like to see that unaltered so as to not change the original diameter. Aside from that, we welcome any creative input as far as handles, etc. 


Linked here are the PDF's pf the drawings. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!


18mm Glass Bowl Proposed Drawing

14mm Glass Bowl Proposed Drawing



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