Titanium Screen Comparison

Ti Screens for the FlowerPot

It is safe to say that out of all the components that make the FlowerPot, the Ti screen is perhaps, one of the key elements in the equation. Retaining our finely ground flower and still having enough clearance to create minimal resistance in the airflow are but a couple of the jobs that this little screen has. 

It wasn't until recently that we stopped and decided to re-evaluate the little details. We decided to take a closer look at our Single Weave Screens. If you remember, these were the screens came with your Shovelhead and Panhead bowls. 

So upon closer inspection, we decided to spend some time analyzing and seeing if there was a way to find any flaws and therefore, improve it. 


See, just recently we started shipping a new screen that our supplier recommended to us. And so making a detailed comparison between the new one and old one was fitting. 

For the purposes of distiction between screens in this article, we will call the old screen "old", the new screen "new" and the Double Weave Screen just that.

So here are the findings after putting them through our "closer look" machine:

The first comparison was between the "old BEAMER" screen and this "new screen. 

The "old" screen was a single weave screen, it was quite maleable, therefore providing an inconsistent experience with the flowerpot. Mostly, when having to clean out the bowl, whether using the debowler or not. Truth is, a lot of times, this screen simply fell out. 

The new screen has the same opening but gained a lot of sturdiness by having a thicker wire diameter and an actual double weave pattern. 

       New                                                                  Old


So basically what we are gaining here is in the functional part of it. It will last a longer time, it still has the same opening so performance will be similar, if not identical. However, the best improvement, in my opinion, is the tactile feedback i get when I insert it into the bowl. It feels rigid and the click is so satisfying. 

Now that we discovered the double weave pattern on this "new" screen, it was only fitting to compare it to our existing Double Weave Screen. So lets take a look here:

What we can take from this comparison are really obvious differences. We see the same double weave pattern on both screens but the actual Double Weave Screen has a smaller opening, & larger wire diameter. This smaller weave and thicker wire also explain the additional material used to manufacture these and therefore, the higher price point. 


Well, it is well known that the Double Weave screen is far superior than the "old" single weave. With stability and tactile feedback now out of the equation, we wonder which screen FlowerPot users will gravitate toward. We understand the main task for these is to keep any material from coming into our glass rig and keep things clean. However, have discovered and determined that these new screens will last just as long as the DW and are a far superior value for our customers. 

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