14mm Male E-Banger for 16mm Coil (9066)

14mm Male E-Banger for 16mm Coil (9066)

centerpost for 20mm coil flowerpot

Enail Head for 20mm Coil and 28mm Dish (3081)

FlowerPot 20mm Coil Cover (3061)

  • Coil cover aids in keeping the heat inside.
  • The Coil cover reduces heat up time
  • This is not a heat shield as it still gets hot
  • The coil can be flipped over for additional monting options 
  • 1.25" Dia
  • Coil Cover only
  • Coil, dish, nut are extra and not included
  • Designed for the 20mm coil but will work with the 16mm coil.
  • US-Melted Grade 2 Titanium Cert is Below
  • Made in the USA

Flowerpot Coil Cover

The FlowerPot Coil Cover maximizes heat retention around the core of your system, allowing for faster heat-up times and heat retention.  

Note: Coil cover only, other parts show for reference purposes. 

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