Quartz Dish Fastener Short (2862)

Quartz Dish Fastener Short (2862)

centerpost for 20mm coil flowerpot

Enail Head for 20mm Coil and 25mm Dish (3080)

Enail Head for 20mm Coil and 28mm Dish (3081)

  • Works with all 28mm Dishes Including all Dnail Halo Dishes
  • Works with NewVape Enail Bodies, Coil Cover & DropDownI
  • Includes Ti Wrap-Around Dish and Nut only
  • Fits all Manufactures 20mm Coils
  • Fits Quartz, and SiC dishes - Sold Separate. 
  • Coil, and Dish are extra.
  • Titanium is grade 2
  • Made in the USA
  • 5/16 x 18 thread
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D-Nail Wrap-Around Post for 20mm Coils

Marry your D-Nail SiC dish to the finest flower vaporizer in existence with the D-Nail Wrap-Around Post for 20mm Coils.  This wrap-around head allows increased heat transfer between the coil and the dish. Can also be used with the coil cover 

How to Use

Unscrew the top nut on the post, place the dish in the Wrap-Around Post, and screw on your nut.  TWAX!

Notes: Other parts Shown for reference and available separately. This is not the same dish that the Flowerpot Uses. Will fit standard 25mm dishes but will have small gap on sides of dish

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