30mm Sapphire Dish

30mm NV Sapphire Dish (9365)

30mm New Vape SiC Dish (3232)

  • SIC (Silica Carbide) Cup
  • Fits NewVape D-Cup, and CCA710 30mm Liger Air.
  • 30 mm Outside Dia
  • This SIC dish is Imported 
  • Q-tip Swab After Use to Maintain High Quality Flavors
  • Soak in tap water and wipe clean with paper towel. 
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NewVape 30mm SiC Dish

This SiC Dish was designed to be used with the DCup Vaporizer and will fit other manufacturers bangers. SiC (Silicon Carbine) is widely preferred in the world of dabbing because of its superior flavor transfer, especially when compared to Quartz or Titanium. 

This SiC dish is 30mm and will fit the cca710 Liger Air and NewVape DCup bangers. 

It's recommended to swab the dish with a clean q-tip between dabs. Once a day remove the dish and allow tap water to soak in the dish for 10 min then wipe clean with a paper towel. It's not recommended to clean the dish by raising the heat on the enail. Soaking in alcohol is ok but not needed. 

DCup Vaporizer System

The ultimate banger system for your rig. NewVape is once again taking the reigns of the industry. Enjoy your concentrates with full-flavor and no compromises with the DCup Vaporizer by NewVape.

It is designed around our brand new 30mm New Vape SiC Dish and the 30mm NewVape Sapphire Dish. SiC and Sapphire have proven to be the preferred dabbing surfaces around. Pure flavor-transfer. Absolutely no compromises.

It is comprised of 6 different parts that work in harmony to provide the ultimate dabbing experience. Made from Grade 2 Titanium, it can withstand extreme temperatures while delivering the cleanest and smoothest vapor. Grade 2 titanium is a bio compatible metal that is used in the orthopedic industry.

The DCup features a precisely machined gutter that retains and guides the vapor to the intake vent and into your glass rig. The gutter also doubles as a scraping surface for your dabber, to ensure you don't have any residue from your hard earned concentrates.

The DCup works with any standard flat coil which is then covered by the Coil cover. It can be configured to fit almost any piece of glass. The current available fittings are 18mm male, 14mm male and 14mm female and they are interchangeable.

Although it is designed to live permanently on your glass rig, we also developed the DCup heat post. The heat post can be used on any of the standard NewVape safety stands. Including the "Tool Shed" in the event that you must share your glass rig with other devices...like the FlowerPot.

The DCup also made way for the design of the new Carb Cap which is designed as a portruted cap that fits into the top lid gutter to create the low pressure environment that your concentrates need for full vaporization. The Carb Cap also works with the entire family of NewVape dabbers.


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