28mm SiC Dish

28mm New Vape Sic Dish (9264)

14mm Female post

14mm Female Post (3158)

DNAIL 28mm Sic Dish (9265)

  • DNAIL SIC (Silicone Carbide) Dish
  • Fits NewVape V Rod FlowerPot and All Enail Bodies
  • 1.10" / 28mm Outside Dia
  • .375" Inside Dia
  • SiC Dish Only
  • Nails and Attachment Screws are Separate.
  • Requires a Fastner to Work with the NewVape Enail Bodies.
  • Q-tip Swab After Use to Maintain High Quality Flavors
  • Soak in warm alcohol for a through clean¬†
  • No warranty
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Genuine DNAIL 28mm SiC Dish

This 28mm SiC dish will fit the V Rod FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer, as well as the older D-Nail WrapAround heads.

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