5x10 Rosin PRess Cage

5x10 Rosin Press Cage (3126)

Import 3x5 Universal Aluminum Rosin Press Plates (9263)

Import 3x5 Universal Aluminum Rosin Press Plates (9263)

NV Dual Controller (9098)

  • Dual Port Enail Controller
  • Great for Dual FLowerPot Setups
  • Perfect for Rosin Press
  • Choose 110v For N. America
  • Choose 220v For International

Dual Port Enail Controller

The perfect solution when you need two heater coils or cartridges but don't want the clutter of two controllers.  

Please Note!   If you choose an international (220v) powercord, its absolutely imperitive that you choose/use 220v coils. Failure to do so will void your warranty and damage your coils. Conversely, if you select 110v for North America, pair it with 110v coils.  

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