DynaVap Omnivap XL Titanium

DynaVap "OmniVap: XL Titanium" Vaporizer (9336)


DynaVap "NONAVONG-S: Light Wood" Vaporizer (9338)

DynaVap "NONAVONG-S: Dark Wood" Vaporizer (9337)

At 92mm, this Dark Wood NonaVonG S has a spinning mouthpiece combined with a 45mm Body and a Titanium Tip. The midsection has trisected nonagon geometry making this VapCap a visual piece of art. The nine sides makes the device roll resistant and elevates the mouthpiece when placed horizontally on a flat surface. The midsection's airport allows the user to manually modify the air to vapor intake ratio. VTV 211-53-17-07
**Coloration and/or grain patterns of wood may vary** **Vapcap comes packaged in complimentary storage tube to protect during transit** VTV 211-53-17-07
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