Stainless Steel 2.25" Plates Single Heater (2878)

Rosin Press Plates - 4x7 inch

Stainless Steel Plates - 4"x7" For Flat Coils (2941)

Stainless Steel 6" Plates Dual Heater (2879)

100% medical-grade stainless steel plates that perfectly compliment your do-it-yourself rosin press with flat coils.


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Stainless Steel 6" Plates Dual Heater


These medical-grade stainless steel rosin press plates are extremely smooth. Creating the ideal pressing surface. Since they are made of 100% stainless steel these will last a lifetime. You can also expect zero pitting and consistent heat, for the perfect extraction. Our unique insulator plates keep the heat where you need it—on the plates and nowhere else. Pair these plates with your press to complete your at-home rosin press.

What is solventless extraction


Tradition concentrates have always endured a process of butane-based extraction. Compromising the environment and the people involved through complex processes. That involved costly equipment, toxic chemicals, and low quality results. Enter solventless extraction! As the name implies, it requires no chemicals or solvents to extraction the oils from the plant. The only things you need are heat, pressure, and a tool to harness them.


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