Flat Coil Enail Configurator (2862-BUNDLE)

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Configure your own custom setup, if you have glass, do not choose glass, simply start with the body that will fit it. 

Work your way throught his starting with:

  • Dish
  • Body
  • Carb Cap
  • Glass
  • Drop Down
  • Coil and Controller

New Vape parts are designed and manufactured in the USA!

Customize your Enail around your Flat Coil!

We have created this Enail Configurator around our Short Dish Fastener for a 28mm dish. We believe this will make it easier for you to customize your concentrate-only set up without having to worry if the parts fit together. All these parts are made to work with eachother. Start with your dish and work your way down the options. 

Grade 2 Titanium parts. Made in the USA!

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