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Flat Coil for NV Controller

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Dual PID Stand (3271)

Flat Coil for Auber RDK300A


  • Flat Enail Coil
  • Braided Kevlar Sheath Protects Wires
  • NewVape Velcro Strap
  • Available in 110v or 220v
  • 110v Works in North America
  • 220v Works in UK, EU, AU
  • Works only with Auber RDK 300A
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Flat Coil for Auber RDK300A
Flat Coil for Auber RDK300A

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    Flat Enail Coil Auber Connection

    This coil is specifically designed to work with the Auber RDK 300A Controller

    This coil works as the heat source for the FlowerPot and our different enail configurations. It provides consistent heat when paired with our titanium parts. Together, this creates the ideal environment for vaping concentrates or cannabis flower. Separately or together.  Making torches, matches, and other heat sources obsolete.

    30 Day Warranty.

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