FlowerPot Base Only (3004-Naked)

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  • Stand for Flowerpot Twax Vaporizer
  • 5" dia Aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • 6 Dabber Holes
  • 5 Large Bowl/Body Holes
  • 4 Threaded Holes
  • 1 Loading Tool Hole
  • Includes:
    • Base Only - No Spike or Post Included
  • Other Parts Shown for Referance Only 

FlowerPot Stand - Base Only

Already own an older model of FlowerPot Base?  Want to upgrade to the new hotness?  This is the base for you.  Simply unscrew your heater post and de-bowler spike from your old unit, and screw into the new. 

Designed to work with FlowerPot System and beyond...with four threaded post areas to mount your FlowerPot heater stands or de-bowler spikes, you can customize this base for left-or right-handed use.   WIth precision-machined cutouts for everything in the FlowerPot system - any bowl/body we've ever made, carb caps, dabbers, cleaning and loading tools - anything you could want within reach of your Flowerpot setup.  This Base works great even without the FlowerPot; its the perfect duff/ABV catcher for vapes of all sizes with plenty of room for whatever your imagination can conjure up!  The excellent machining of this US-made base makes it feel at home on the finest coffee tables as well as the vape station or workbench!

Looking for the complete Base and De-Bowler with heater post and de-bowling Spike? Look here

 Note: This base includes 5" aluminum base, heater coil post mount, debowling spike. All parts shown for reference only.

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