Auber RDK 300 A Enail Controller and 220v (International) 20mm Coil for FlowerPot


  • Rotary Tempature Control.
  • Automatic Shutoff Timer 
  • Popular XLR connectioin
  • NV Logo added to Temp Dial. 
  • Kevlar Sheeth on Coil 
  • Perfect fit for the NewVape Flowerpot (All Heads)
  • NV 20mm 5 Wrap Clockwise xlr Coil
  • 20mm Coil (220v - International)

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Auber RDK 300A Enail Controller (9319)   + $110.00
20mm Coil Auber Connection - 220v International (9323)   + $50.00
FlowerPot Enail Handle (2943)   + $40.00

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    Auber RDK 300 A Enail Controller and 220v (International) 20mm Coil for FlowerPot

    Features of the Auber RDK 300A

    Ease of Operation. Adjusting the set temperature is very simple. User only needs to tap the knob once to activate the temperature setting mode, and then turn the knob to increase or decrease the set temperature. It is just as simple as adjusting the temperature of a cooktop at home.

    Timed Automatic Power Off. The built-in timer can automatically shut off the controller after a specified duration. This feature can preserve the coil life and make the system safer in case that the user forgets to turn the power off. The on duration can be adjusted from 1-999 minutes. This feature can also be disabled to turn off manually.

    Ergonomic Layout. The cables are connected to the back panel. It makes the appearance cleaner and safer to operate. It eliminates the potential danger of accidentally pulling the cable of the hot coil on the glass when adjusting the controller. 

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