• 12.5" Straight Tube (9300)
  • 16" Black Weatherproof Vape Case (9196)
  • 16" Laser Cut Foam Insert For FlowerPot Case (3121)

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12.5" Straight Tube

This is one of our recommended rigs for use with either the FlowerPot setups.  With an ultra-smooth stereo matrix diffusion discs and wide open airflow, you can take take huge rips without straining your lungs whatsoever.  The ice catcher allows you to chill out as needed without affecting airflow. With this 12.5" Diffusion Rig you can breath naturally and fully enjoy the amazing extraction and intense flavors the FlowerPot delivers.  

16" Black Weatherproof Vape Case 

Heading out on the road or flying to gramma's for the holidays? Maybe you just need to keep prying eyes out of your prized vape gear or glass devices?  NewVape brings you the most economical solution with these weatherproof vape cases. With the 16" Black Weatherproof Vape Case you also get cubed foam insert for custom use, you can dial in the perfectly cushioned situation for your situations!

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