FlowerPot De-bowler Spike (3105)

  • Perfect for Making DIY Stands
  • Stainless Steel
  • Threading .25"-20
  • Installed Height: 1.75"
  • Includes 1/4 - 20 Brass Threaded Insert
  • Pre drill 3/8" drill bit (not included)
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FlowerPot Debowler Spike

This FlowerPot Debowler Spike is sold seperately for any DIY setup you'd like to create.  Threading is  .25"-20, machined from stainless steel.  Includes  threaded insert for wood. 

To install, pre-drill 3/8" hole that the insert will thread securely into.  Use a very wide screwdriver to screw into the wood. The interior of this threaded insert recieves the 1/4"-20 thread of the De-Bowler Spike.

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