FlowerPot Coil Cover

FlowerPot 20mm Coil Cover (3061)

FlowerPot Enail Handle (2943)

  • Keep Your Enail Handle Cool! 
  • Some Assembly Required 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Enail Coil Not Included 
  • Kit Includes 10' of Hempwick and Alum Handle Only
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FlowerPot Twax Enail Handle

Safely and securely maneuver your FlowerPot head throughout your session. Whether you’re enjoying oil, flower, or both you can benefit from the extra grip. Made out of 6061 medical grade aluminum and wrapped in hemp wick for an elegant and appropriate aesthetic.

FlowerPot Twax Enail Handle - Enail Not included, Some Assembly required.

About FlowerPot Vaporizer

The smoothest vapor you’ve ever experienced. Enjoy oil and flower at the same time with the FlowerPot Vaporizer. Providing maximum airflow and consistent heat, the FlowerPot allows you to taste what you smell. While keeping your draws smooth and cough-free. 


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