FlowerPot Safety Stand Base

FlowerPot Basic Safety Stand Base Only (3248)

Insulated Carb Cap/Dabber Handle

Insulated Handle (3259)

FlowerPot Knocker Pad (3272)

FlowerPot Knocker Pad

- Made of Aluminum

- Made as a surface to tap your Shovelhead bowl empty so as not to damage any other parts.

- Fits on 3" AVB Can

- Made in the USA

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FlowerPot Knocker Pad

The FlowerPot Knocker Pad is a small aluminum pad that goes on your 3" AVB Can  and creates a safe place for you to tap your bowl empty after a session without damaging the AVB Can.

The Flowerpot Knocker Pad is made of aluminum in our factory in Boynton Beach, FL.

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