Flowerpot Showerhead Twax Bundle


 The FlowerPot Showerhead is the premiere desktop twax vaporizer. Largely preferred for flower only use. 


  • All-in-one bundle
  • Taste what you smell
  • Grade-2 titanium airpath
  • Maximum airflow
  • Consistent heat
  • Made In the USA

                                               Made in USA

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Showerhead Flowerpot Twax Bundle

The smoothest vapor you’ve ever experienced. Enjoy oil and flower at the same time with the FlowerPot Showerhead Twax Vaporizer. Largely preferred for flower-only vaping, but with the option of dabbing on the titanium surface. Providing maximum airflow and consistent heat, the FlowerPot Showerhead Twax Vaporizer allows you to taste what you smell. While keeping your draws smooth and cough-free.

Made from certified grade-2 titanium, the FlowerPot Showerhead keeps your airpath clear of impurities. So you’re only vaping what you want to—the good stuff. This enail based system provides consistent heat for vaping without the hassle of a torch or lighter. Whether you’re vaping purely oil, flower, or both (twax).

Using the highest-quality US-melted materials, 25 years of machine shop experience, and a strong passion for herbals. The FlowerPot Vrod is the premiere desktop twax vaporizer and is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

Within this bundle you will have everything you need to have a complete FlowerPot setup. Just choose your glass rig and power cord.


Bundle Includes 

  • ShowerHead 20mm Head Set (9213)
  • Flowerpot Base & Debowler (3004)
  • Shovelhead Bowl (3097)
  • 18MM Post (3098)
  • 16" Injection Molded, Lockable,  Water Proof Case (9196)
  • Showercap Carb Cap with scoop dabber (3096)
  • Arm Band Fine Grinder (3076)
  • Loading Tool (3086)
  • Enail Controller Choose Black (9089)
  • Enail Handle  (2943)
  • Ti Double Weave Screen (3103)
  • Aluminum Storage Container (9157)
  • 20 mm Coil (9109 or 9259)
  • Choice of Glass Rig (9301 or 9110 or 9300)
  • Country Specific Power Cord (9253, 9252, 9251, 9250)
  • 16" Custom Laser Cut Foam insert (3122 or 3121 or 3120)
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