Wrap-Around 20mm Starter Kit

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  • Twax Perfection!
  • Complete FlowerPot Kit - Just Add Glass
  • Fits 14/18mm M/F GonG
  • SiC Dish Is Imported
  • Ideal for Microdosing!
  • Titanium is Grade 2 Cert is Below
  • This Kit Includes:
    • 20mm Heater Coil & Controller (9109 and 9190 or 9089)
    • Wrap-Around head (3062)
    • Coil Cover (3061)
    • FlowerPot 20mm Coil Nut (3066)
    • LolliCap Carb Cap (2854)
    • Stable Aluminum Base (3004)
    • 14/18mm Male or Female Body
    • Coil Handle (2943)
    • Beamer Ti Screen (Qty. 5 of 9231)

Flowerpot w/ SiC Dish Starter Kit

The FlowerPot w/ SiC Disk Starter Kit from NewVape is everything you need if you already have that phatty glass at home! Start Twaxing today with the revolutionary FlowerPot system.

The Flowerpot's flavor transfer absolutely has no equal. Applying the heat to your bowl brings instant thick clouds to any 14/18mm GonG water device. The FlowerPotd is ultra-efficient, no stirring is needed to achieve 100% extraction of your herbs.  Adding concentrates in the upper nail is an experience that must be inhaled to be believed! This vape is ideal for Microdosing!

The aluminum base keeps the warmer parts of the system safe when not in use, and the LolliCap carb cap is custom designed to circulate the air efficiently so you know you're hitting maximum extraction.

The Flowerpot system is machined in the USA from the highest quality titanium and is built to last a more than a lifetime.  SiC dish imported.

How to Use

Set your Enail controller to ~625F and allow to heat up.  (This temp can be adjusted up or down based on your personal preference and environment. Grind your flowers as fine as you can, the more surface area the better.  

Common sense caution - The FlowerPot gets hot, always use the FlowerPot Base for storage when not in use.   

Place the FlowerPot Body on your glass, and fill with enough flower for one session.  It's possible to load very, very small amounts in the FlowerPot system, even as small as .05g.  If you're going to do concentrates at the same time,  load your dabber.  When the coil controller indicates the set temperature has been achieved, place the FlowerPot top onto the Body and begin to inhale.  Apply your concentrates to the dish and cover with carb cap as needed. 

Remove FlowerPot head from Body when finished and place onto the base holder! 

Formerly 9210

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