Flowerpot Wrap-Around Head Set

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  • 100% Grade 2 Titanium + SiC
  • Easy-Change Dish
  • Ideal for Microdosing!
  • Focused Heat Distribution
  • Just add FlowerPot Body, and 20mm Heater Coil
  • Titanium Made in the USA - SiC Imported
  • Dish is Optional Silicon Carbide (SiC) Dish (9172) or Quartz Dish (9050)
  • This Set Includes:
    • 20mm Center Post Coil Nut (3066)
    • FlowerPot 20mm Wrap-Around Center Post Head (3062)
    • Coil Cover (3061)
    • Dish Retention Nut

Flowerpot SiC Wrap-Around Set

The FlowerPot Wraparound Set is ideal for current ShowerHead owners, or 20mm coil owners who want a twax experience but with a heavy focus on concentrate use. (This set will only work with 20mm coils.) This set includes the NewVape Coil Cover, which drastically improves heatup time as well as heat concentration so your dish never has a cold spot.  

The Wrap-Around head allows for much more consistent and even heat concentration and also easy changing of the dish, from SiC to optional titanium and quartz dishes. 

How to Use

Apply Coil Cover to your 20mm Coil, and thread the Wrap-Around head through the top of the Coil Cover, seat your dish and screw on the FlowerPot Nut, and the FlowerPot is ready for use.  Heat as you normally would and the FlowerPot is ready for use.

To replace or remove your dish, simply unplug the coil from the power and allow to completely cool. Once cooled, simply remove the top nut to swap out or deep clean your dish.  

Note: This set does not include the FlowerPot Body or any heating system. SiC imported, all other parts made in the USA

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