FlowerPot Vrod Reverse Head Replacement Part (3169-reverse-head-top)

  • Replacement Vrod Reverse Head Only
  • This Vrod Head is designed for NON NewVape Coils that have a counter clockwise wrap. (see photo)
  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits 28mm Dish.
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3169-reverse head-top

Replacement Vrod Reverse Head

  • This Vrod Head is designed for NON NewVape Coils that have a counter clockwise wrap. (see photo)

FlowerPot Vrod Head and Diffuser

Already a FlowerPot owner? Upgrade your rig to the latest head—the Vrod. The center air hole feeds your vaporized concentrates through 18 smaller holes. That same hot air will then vaporize the flower evenly and into your glass. Offering the ultimate twax experience.

The Vrod is the heart of the FlowerPot system. Designed to work alongside the other parts to create the ultimate desktop vaporizer. Experience twax vaporization with our FlowerPot Bundle for everything you need or FlowerPot Build a Bundle if you already own your favorite glass rig.

About Vrod Twax Vaporizer

The smoothest vapor you’ve ever experienced. Enjoy oil and flower at the same time with the FP Vrod Twax Vaporizer. Providing maximum airflow and consistent heat, the FP Vrod Twax Vaporizer allows you to taste what you smell. While keeping your draws smooth and cough-free.

V Rod Assembly

Assembly has been greatly simplified as both the coil cover and coil nut have been elimnated!  Be sure to align the 20mm in a way that the coils are traveling clockwise for a perfect fit. See image in the gallery for a guide.  Ensure the coil is winding clockwise, and then insert the bottom portion (diffusor) up through the hole, then mate with the Head and screw in snugly.

The VRod was designed to accomodate 20mm coils.  If you own a non-NewVape coil, be sure to measure this; See image gallery.  

Please note that the Vrod requires a different carb cap as the dimensions have changed. 

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