FlowerPot Weedeater Flower-Only Vaporizer Bundle

WeedEater Complete Bundle

FlowerPot Debowler Brush

FlowerPot Debowler Brush Assembly (3265)

WeedEater Essentials Bundle

This Bundle Includes:

  • FlowerPot Weedeater Nut and Diffuser (3227-3228) 
  • ShovelHead Bowl (3097)
  • 18mm Male Post (3098)
  • 14mm Male Post (3099)
  • 14mm Female Posts. (3158)
  • FlowerPot Basic Safety Stand (3221)
  • FlowerPot Enail Handle (2943)
  • NewVape PID Controller (9089) 20mm Coil (20MM-ENAIL_COIL) (Choose US or International)
  • 9" Black WeatherProof Case (9195)
  • Double Weave Titanium Screen (3103)
  • Vape Case - Green (9015)


Have Glass? Don't feel like building your own bundle? We have gathered the most essentials parts to get you started with a FlowerPot set up. All you need is a glass rig and you're off to the races!

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