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Insulated Handle (3259)

Insulated Handle includes:

- Titanium Shaft

- Titanium End Cap

- Insulating wood handle. 

- Grade 2 Titanium

- Made in the USA. 


* Dabbers, carb caps and other parts shown for illustration only and are NOT included.
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Insulated Handle

Through user feedback, we discovered a large number of FlowerPot owners who like to have their Carb Cap on the fixture permanently, as opposed to only when drawing. This caused the standard Carb Caps to heat up, sometimes to the point where you could no longer touch it.

The insulated handle addresses this issue buy creating an extension system that is insulated. You can add the insulated handle in between your Carb Cap and your Dabber, and the wooden section will provide all the insulation you need for as long as you need it. 

The newest and most configurable handle ever! Use this insulated handle with any othe the NewVape enail based systems. It uses our NV standard 10-24 thread which means it will fit into any of our Carb Caps as well as being able to receive every single dabber and accessory in our lineup. 

This handle is compatible with the ever-growing lineup of accessories for both the FlowerPot and the DCup eco-systems.

Customize it to your needs and preference and enhance your FlowerPot/DCup experience!

The shaft and end cap are made from Grade 2 Titanium and the wooden handle features an ergonomic design that feels just right!

Customuze your Carb Cap Experience today!

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