Micro 20 Rosin Press Kit (2923)

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- Designed to Travel with Reuseable Shipping Container and Storage Box.
- The attached sales agreement is required to be submitted prior to the press shipping.
- 20 Ton (40,000 lbs) of pressing force
- Press can be flipped on front during press cycle to support directional flow techniques
- Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Frame & Plates (Life Time Warranty)
- Made In The USA
- Pressing Area is 7in x 4in
- Insulator Plates Included
- Total Size: 14in x 8in x 6in
- Custom built Inhouse double Controler with 2 thermocouplers (3138) (1 year warranty)
- Includes a digital cooking thomometer for checking plate temp
- The crate is 138 lbs, the dimensions are 33" x 22" x 16" tall
- The freight included in the price is UPS ground and usually requires 5 business days to cross the country.  

BVA Hydraulic Hand Pump P1000 Lifetime Warranty Thru BVA 
BVA 20 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder HL2002 with Lifetime Warranty Thru BVA 



Micro 20 Rosin Press Kit

We thought we'd leave all other Rosin Press designs in the dust! This 20-Ton Press brings maximum extraction in a small package. We use medical grade stainless steel throughout the entire frame as well as the press plates. Despite its small size, it still has L X W area for pressing larger amounts.

The frame is ultra strong and can far exceed the 20-ton capacity of the press. The press itself has a 2" throw, meaning you can fit thick bags or tubes of sift and watch the rivers of goodness run out.

PLEASE NOTE: The Pump is rated to 10,000PSI.  Industry standard recommendation is to not take it past 80% of capacity or 8000PSI.

The plates are perfectly smooth, and MUCH stronger than aluminum - Zero pitting unlike aluminum.


Heating Instructions:

1) Bring plates together
2) Set Heaters to 300 F
3) Allow 15 Minutes for plates to achieve 200 F
4) Lightly Clamp on digital cooking thermometer and fine tune desired temp from this point.



Here are a couple of upgrades that have been tested to work with the Micro 20 Press The purchase and support will need to come from those companies directly. It's recomended that you purchase a seperate hose and coulpler when connecting these pumps.

Pneumatic Hydraulic Foot Pressure Pump from Harbor Freight

Electric Hydraulic Hydraulic Pump from EZ-Tools

3/8" NPTF High Flow Coupler, Male 

1/4" NPTF Gauge Port, 3/8"-18 NPTF Oil Port 

6 FT Hose, 1/4" Internal Diameter, 3/8"-18NPTF 

2 1/2" Face Diameter. Liquid Gauge 1/4"-18NPTF

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