10mm Male Post

10mm Male Post (3162)

Auber RDK300A PID Controller

Auber RDK 300A PID Controller

NV Single PID Controller

NewVape Single PID Controller

  • Quick Heating
  • Choose Your Preferred Power Cord
  • Choose From 4 Different Coil Styles
  • Works with Flowerpot, Enails, and Rosin Press Plates
  • Warranty: 1 year on Controller, 30 Days on Coil

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1 x Single PID Enail Controller (9089)   + $80.00

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NV Single PID Controller
NV Single PID Controller

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    Single Port Enail Controller Bundle


    When paired with the right coil, this controller can have more than one application. Paired with a flat coil, this provides the heat source for a DCup and/or a basic enail configuration. Paired with a 20mm coil, it can be the heat source for the FlowerPot Vaporizer.

    From our lengthy testing, we have discovered this PID controller to be the safest, most consistent for NewVape applications.


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