Fine Grinder 3

Fine Grinder 3" Arm Band (3076)

Pax Essentials Bundle

Pax Water Pipe Bundle

Pax Essentials Bundle

  • 9" Waterproof Vape Case (9195)
  • Pax Replacement Screen (2732)
  • Pax Loading Tool (2774)
  • Pax Reclaim/Cleaning Tool (2776)
  • Fine Grinder - Arm Band (3076)
  • Orange Aluminum Storage Container (9156)
  • Vented Oven Lid (2742)
  • Pax Pusher (2731)
  • Pax Clear Gear Box (9014)
  • Fit All Versions of Pax 2 & 3
  • Case Interior Custom Cut For All Parts
  • Pax Vaporizer Not included

Pax Essentials Bundle

You've got one of the worlds best portable vaporizers, now get the Pax Essentials Bundle to complete your setup.  Included is every tool you'd ever need to keep your Pax optimized, clean and fully protected from the elements.  This complete kit is perfect for those on-the-go, weekends, or overnighters!  Plenty of room for your Pax, your herbs, and all the glorious NewVape tools and accessories.  Perfect gift for any Pax owner!

Please note:  Pax Vaporizer, Charging Dock, USB cable are not included. Shown for illustrative purposes only.  

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