Pax 1 Performance Bundle (7022)

Pax 1 Performance Bundle (7022)

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This is the popular kit that will get your Pax at peak performance. The 3D replacement screen is thicker than the stock creating better heat retention but it is complimented by its grooves which allow air to flow through it.

The phenolic lid is vented to give you even more airflow while sitting on the adjustable pusher which allows you to have an efficient session without having to fill your oven every time. Hence, saving you money on material!

This bundle includes:

- Pax 1 Vented Oven Lid (2753)

- Pax 1 Pusher (2626)

- Pax 1 3D Replacement Screen (2648)

NOTE: Pax 1 Pusher is a single piece. No screw.