Rosin Press 1-Ton Arbor Kit (9073)

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This Arbor Kit Includes:

- 2x 2.25" Errl Press Plates (2878)
- 2x Flat Coil (9052)
- 2x Enail PID Controllers (9089) 
- 1-Ton Arbor Press Adapter (2911)
- 2x Insulator Plates (2924)
- 1x Thermometer (9071)
- 10 Rosin Bags 120 mesh 2x3 (9078)

** Press Not Included But is Available @ Harbor Freight

- ErrlPress Plates are Medical Grade Stainless Steel
- Plates and Adapter Made in the USA
- All Plates Work with Flat Coil Heaters
- Do You Just Need Plates?
- SKU 9073

Its our goal to educate our customers about building your DIY Rosin Press. We encourage the use of Harbor Freight because of the savings in shipping*, and also ease of dealing with local extended warranty claims. You can puchase in-store, or order your press online. We carry adapters for many presses, so if you have a press that isn't from Harbor Freight, just let us know.  

Plate Size

We recommend only 2' or 4" plates with this 2 ton arbor press.  Using 6inch plates will lower the effective PSI and reduce the pressre available to you.  If you're interested in 6" plates, we recommend the 20 ton Press Kit.  

If you feel that you will only squish a flower or two at a time, you probably only need the 2" plates.  Wanna squish larger amounts?  You're going to want 4" plates.  


You can heat your plates in your oven, or the far simpler method is to use our flat coil induction heaters, which all of our plates are made to accept.  The 2" plates require 2 coils, the 4" Plates require 4 coils.  


We've made adapters for a huge variety of presses.  The adapters in this kit are for the 1- or 2-ton manual arbor press from Harbor Freight.  Please note that all of our adapters work with each size plate we make.  


The 1 & 2 ton Arbor Presses are available at your local Harbor Freight (650+ Locations nationwide), or on their site  for the 1 Ton or on Amazon for the 2 Ton (HF is currently out of stock on the 2 ton).  If you have another press, we probably have adapters for it!



* Harbor Frieght gets a MUCH better deal from the national shipping carriers than we currently can, as they ship hundreds of thousands of goods daily.

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