Basic Carb Cap with Dabber (9223)

Basic Carb Cap with Dabber (9223)

Titanium Keychain Dabber

Keychain Scoop Dabber (9236)

Titanium ShowerCap Carb Cap (3096)

  • Substantial Weight Reduction
  • Works on All FlowerPot Heads
  • Medical Grade 2 Titanium
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes 3.75" Titanium Scoop Dabber
  • Has a 10-24 thread

Titanium ShowerCap Carb Cap

The new Titanium ShowerCap Carb Cap is the carb cap you've asked for! We've upgraded to titanium from stainless steel, which combined with an overall material reduction seriously reduces the weight of the cap.  Not only was the weight reduced, but now the ShowerHead is more universal, working on both the ShowerHead and standard Wrap-Around versions of the FlowerPot, or any of our other enail setups. 

The Titanium ShowerCap has two ports for dabber attachment, vertical & 90° horizontal.  

Need more info on the FlowerPot with Showerhead system?  

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