Auber RDK300A PID Controller

Auber RDK 300A PID Controller

20mm Coil for NV Control

20mm Coil for NV Control

Single PID Stand (3273)

Single PID Stand includes:

- Billett aluminum Cover

- Nylon Screw (for fastening it to PID Controller)

- For FlowerPot and DCup Systems

- Fits 3" AVB Can

- Fits all NV FlowerPot and DCup Accessories. 

- Made in the USA

*Controller and other accessories not included. Shown for illustration purposes.
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Single PID Controller

A brand new way to keep your FlowerPot or DCup neatly stored. The Single PID Stand takes all NV attachments in order to store or clean your devices.  

It has a 3" circular opening that will fit the AVB Can for FlowerPot applications. 

Most importantly, it protects your PID controller from any external parts falling on it. 

It adds a new look to your system and it has additional holes to store dabbers upright with the assistance of dabber caps. 


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